A vision of branding from the imagination of a machine

A first-of-its-kind collection of AI-generated NFT brand logos + a community for brand, marketing, and tech thinkers.

Machine learning interpretation of brand logos

What if a machine created its own brand?

Technology is quickly blurring our perception around what creative work requires a human touch and what a machine can do on its own.

The NFT Brand Collective looks at the idea of what would happen if a machine generated a brand identity on its own.

In other words, rather than us saying “create a logo that looks like a mountain” our machine learning model absorbed data from the real world and generated its own creative output.

The AI-Generated Brand Identity Collection

Advertising AI-Generated Logo


“For everything that moves”

Telecom AI-Generated Logo


“We’re wired to win”

Construction AI-Generated Logo


“We are your neighborhood”

Computer Games AI-Generated Logo

Computer Games

“Jump into something different”

Energy AI-Generated Logo


“Build a solar system”

Aerospace AI-Generated Logo


“Commit to the mission”

Internet AI-Generated Logo


“Let’s drag and drop”

Biotechnology AI-Generated Logo


“Your last, best hope for success”

Defense AI-Generated Logo


“Top secret”

Manufacturing AI-Generated Logo


“Perfection is in the details”

Data AI-Generated Logo


“Light your data fire”

Automotive AI-Generated Logo


“Your parts, your prices”

Entertainment AI-Generated Logo


“Feels good, sounds good, works good”

Financial Services AI-Generated Logo

Financial Services

“I need my money”

Food and Beverage AI-Generated Logo

Food and Beverage

“Baked in nature with love”

Government Services AI-Generated Logo

Government Services

“Always coming back stronger”

Healthcare AI-Generated Logo


“The promise, the prescription”

Security AI-Generated Logo


“Protecting your digital borders”

Human Resources AI-Generated Logo

Human Resources

“Buckle up for the right talent”

Insurance AI-Generated Logo


“Your plan deserves a rewrite”

Hospitality AI-Generated Logo


“Luxury is not a price, but an attitude”

IT AI-Generated Logo


“Shh, I’m with IT”

Education AI-Generated Logo


“Turn your talents into a life you love”

Media AI-Generated Logo


“Where discovery listens”

Transportation AI-Generated Logo


“Moving right along”

Retail AI-Generated Logo


“We’re almost out of drawers over here”

E-Learning AI-Generated Logo


“People here are friendly”

Software AI-Generated Logo


“From strategy to solution”

Apparel AI-Generated Logo


“Come back in our beam”

Travel AI-Generated Logo


“Up, up, and away”

Real Estate AI-Generated Logo

Real Estate

“As real as it gets”

Utilities AI-Generated Logo


“We turn you on”

What makes the collection unique?

Unlike image generators that take inputs from people to guide mix-and-match-style output – our project’s images are created from pure machine learning without human guidance.

So, the logos you see aren’t based on what we thought would be good but rather on what the machine model decided to create. 👀

Each logo connects back to a specific industry and has a tagline generated based on real-world marketing copy we collected and fed into an AI text-generation model (GPT-3) .

This gave us a collection of unique concepts expressing a machine’s vision of what branding can be.

AI-Generated Logo Example

For a business or personal brand – here or in the metaverse

The NFT Brand Collective logos serve as pieces of technological art as well as logos for business or personal brands.

Whether you’re exploring a metaverse brand or looking for a personal profile avatar, our logos are one-of-a-kind marks born from modern technology.

A community for brand and marketing thinkers

We’ve created a Discord server for those looking to chat about all topics related to the future of branding, marketing, and technology.

NFT holders will get additional utility with exclusive access to a private channel on our server where holders can receive updates on the project, learn about upcoming drops, and get previews of the project’s newest designs.

AI-Generated Brand Logo example
NFT Brand Collective Partners

About the project

The NFT Brand Collective was born from a partnership between the brand strategy and research agency, Map & Fire, and the digital transformations firm Eleviant.

Our goal is to explore how branding and technology can work together to create new opportunities for businesses today and in the future.

The project’s own logo

Each letter of “NFT Brand” represents the 8 most frequently used typefaces across thousands of brand websites that we analyzed.

It turns out, the 3rd most used typeface is an icon library (Font Awesome), so it just made sense to make our ’T’ a cup of tea.

It’s also a reminder that humans can still be creative on their own. 😁

The NFT Brand Collective Logo